Project Description

An ever-shifting image of Miami through the glass walls is to be expected. The transporting power of a jagged, glossy ceiling and reflective louvres is not. Overhead, Brambier’s Barrisol latex sheeting in gris ombelle and blanc venus stretch taut as a drum across the ceiling, which drops toward the floor and rises in an arrhythmic, vertical sawtooth. Though not mirrored, the glossy sections (there are matte, translucent sections as well) capture low-fi reflections of the view on their canting surfaces. Gonzalez tucked the lights above the Barrisol and composed them carefully into long, slender ray-like panels that run from the rear of the house toward the terrace. These panels generate an even diffuse illumination that (literally) highlights the uneven altitudes of the ceiling.


Cobo Construction
Miami, FL


Michael Stavaridis,   Michael Stavaridis Photographer
Miami, FL

Architect/Interior Design:

Rene Gonzalez,Rene Gonzalez Architects
Miami, FL

Property Information:

Private Residence at Icon Brickell
Miami, FL

Barrisol® Installation by:

Brambier’s Windows and Walls
Lyle Brambier – President / Project Manager