The Original.

 Manual, Motorized and Computerized Sun-Screen Systems! This versatile product line provides complete window-shading solutions for commercial-office-tower, healthcare and residential applications.

MechoShade® offers a complete line of patented and proprietary solar and blackout accessories and systems which are manual, motorized and computerized! A chain-driven manually operated roller-screen system for interior shading. Features include removable SnapLoc; shade cloth mounting spline and a true SnapLoc fascia.

MechoShade’s ThermoVeil® shade cloths provide highest quality, woven FR-vinyl sunscreens in a variety of densities and colors which assure solar protection as well as glare and brightness control on work-surfaces and computer screens. ThermoVeil® shade cloths offer maximum protection while maintaining a view to the outside. Independent laboratory testing has shown ThermoVeil® to be extremely resistant to bacteria and fungal organisms.


An initial determination must be made concerning how shades are to be switched individually or by group, or both, with master and local controls. Manual/auto mode and astronomical controllers with sun, wind, and temperature sensors are available options for use with interior and exterior shades.


The SAC (Sun Activated Controller) unit utilizes photo sensors which are adjustable for sun intensity and cloud delays. The WAC (Wind and Sun Activated Controller) unit has an added feature which protects exterior shades from damaging winds. In the automatic mode shades will be fully up or fully down; in the manual mode shades can be moved to any desired position.