We design our homes and workspaces with windows because we intuitively understand that sunlight adds a comforting, refreshing quality to any room. However, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the light that surrounds you. With Lutron Shading Solutions you can quickly and easily control sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. With the touch of a button, you can automatically raise and lower shades to reduce heat buildup or add instant privacy.

Commercial Overview

Balancing Aesthetics and Productivity

The work environment should effectively maintain comfort and focus, enabling users to be as sharp and productive as possible. Though sunlight can be a powerful design tool for making a more attractive and pleasant work environment, it can also cause unwanted glare and eye fatigue, which, over time, can diminish a person’s energy and productivity. Proper shading and U/V management diminishes computer screen glare while maintaining the quality of natural light.

Elegant Transitions

Lutron shades move silently and evenly to subtly transform a workspace without distracting its users. Further, Lutron keypads and handheld remotes are intuitive to use, so anyone can easily adjust the natural light.

Green Design

Many of the fabrics Lutron uses to make Sivoia QED™ shades are made of PVC-free and/or halogen-free materials.

Residential Overview

Convenience and Functionality

Most window treatments are left closed almost all of the time—for privacy, sun control, or just because they are hard to reach. In those cases, your windows may as well be walls. With Lutron controllable shading systems, you will use your window treatments all the time and enjoy the full benefits of all your windows every day.

Architectural-grade Precision Systems

From simple manual roller and Roman shades to sophisticated systems using Sivoia QED™ (Quiet Electronic Drive) technology, Lutron custom-manufactures every single shade. Select from a variety of fabrics with different looks, colors and functions (light-filtering, privacy or blackout).

We also provide automated drapery track systems using Sivoia QED technology. Simply hang your own drapery panels to our track.

Where do I start?

Consider the rooms of your home. Your living room may double as a home theater, requiring blackout shades for movie-theater darkness. In your living room, you’d like to control the intense sunlight, without obscuring the view. Explore a few examples of how natural light control can enhance the beauty and functionality in any space.