Quality without compromise. The FabriTrak® Wall System is a compilation of unique patented products that provide a method, utilizing fabric as an architectural finish. It is a cost-effective tool for creating and enhancing interior environments with function, form, color and texture.

With continual refinements, over the years, the FabriTrak® System is universally considered to be state-of-the-art, used by architects and designers on the most prestigious and high-profile construction projects throughout the world.

FabriTrak profiles may be installed on any surface or substrate: archways, ceilings, columns, doors, partitions, walls, etc. to form the framework into which the infill material is applied. The infill choice is directly determined by the panel’s function – whether acoustical performance, tackable surface, or strictly aesthetics.

All FabriTrak profiles are recyclable, and our sustainable culture extends to our dealers through the Disposal, Reclamation, and Re-manufacturing program, by which all waste and residual trak are returned to us for recycling.

Fabric is the last component of the FabriTrak system. Once the track and infill are installed, the fabric is stretched taut and inserted into the retaining cavities. By using FabriTrak, you have the unique advantage of changing the fabric in the event of damages or simply revitalizing your environment by switching to a new color or texture. With FabriTrak you have the ability to custom-print the design of your choice on various base fabrics.

The ambiance, ease of installation, and flexibility of FabriTrak® Upholstered Walls far exceed any direct glue application. Some limitations of direct glue are:

  • Non-acoustical and non-insulating
  • Flat – no visual dimension
  • Wall imperfections telescope through the fabric
  • No changeability of panels
  • Poor alignment of grain lines
  • Discoloration and fraying
  • Glue bleed-thru
  • Replacement difficult requiring new extensive wall preparation creating time delays and considerable expense