jaretdroseJared Rose has been with Brambier’s nearly 6 years. He started as an Installer and has worked his way up to Installation Manager. Born and raised on a farm in North Central Kansas, he began helping out and working from a young age. Jared will tell you “ I grew up knowing that if we (my family) didn’t put in the time and effort to get the job done no matter how difficult it was, there would be no one else to do it for us, so we always managed to get it done. I guess that work ethic has carried over to the jobs I’ve held ever since, and helped to propel me along my way.”

Spending time outdoors is one of Jared’s favorite things to do. It doesn’t matter if it is hiking and camping in the mountains, kayaking on a sunny day, or spearfishing and freediving among the reefs along the coast, you will find him the happiest when spending time in nature. That happiness, of course, is multiplied when he gets to share that time with family and friends. Even when traveling out of state or across international borders with the company, on most Sundays off you will find Jared at the nearest mountain range, ocean beach, or nature trail enjoying his day off.

“I am young and have a lot of aspirations, in both my career and my personal life. I want to go far and wide in both aspects of my life. But at the same time I will never forget who I am, or my roots; Nature, family, friends, they all bring me back to that core no matter what part of the world I may be in, or how big of a job we may be immersed in. It is the simple things in life that sometimes bring us the most joy and peace, and remind us why we push through hard stuff.”